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Ear protection is highly recommended for all attendees
and available for purchase on-site.

Yes, there are porta-johns, which can accommodate wheel chairs.

Yes, we promote a family friendly environment.

Attendees are encouraged to purchase a grandstand ticket if you wish to sit.

Yes, however ONLY clear (see through) bags will be allowed to enter the event.

No, alcohol is not allowed and will not be sold.

No weapons of any kind are permitted. Zero tolerance!

Yes. We are closely working with Detroit Police and private security is on-site to ensure safety for all attendees. In addition Detroit Fire Department and EMS are on the grounds if needed.

No, however, there is a variety of food and drink options for purchase available on-site.

No, street racing can have serious legal and safety risks. Motor City Showdown, Detroit Police Department and Coleman A. Young International Airport want enthusiasts to enjoy performance driving in a safe, controlled environment, run by professionals with vehicle safety inspections, driver evaluations, and track safety.